When It Comes to Careers, The Future Is Finance

In April of this year, McKinsey & Company released their State of Organizations report which outlined the ten most significant shifts organizations are facing today. One of those shifts speaks directly to talent. What McKinsey shared aligns with what we’ve seen and heard in the news recently: “Business leaders have long had to walk a talent tightrope—carefully balancing budgets while retaining key people. That tightrope walk is more complicated than ever in a tight labor market affected by industry churn and post pandemic corrections.”

However, what the report doesn’t say is while some companies pause hiring, financial firms are upping their recruiting efforts on college campuses to attract Gen Z.

What the report also doesn’t say is larger companies such as JP Morgan Chase and Fidelity Investments are hosting more online job fairs and on-campus recruiting events compared to years past to attract talent. In other words, the labor market may be tight, but employers are increasing their efforts to attract those who are pursuing careers in finance.

The ROI for you in this industry includes:

  • Diversification: The industry encompasses various roles, including financial analysis, wealth management, and more, allowing students such as yourself to find a niche that aligns with your interests and skills. You’ll have multiple paths to choose from in the industry as well as options within the walls of an organization.
  • Global relevance: Because finance is a universal language in the business world, the skills acquired can be applied globally, ultimately providing opportunities to work internationally.
  • Mobility: The skills you’ll gain are transferable to multiple industries resulting in career choices as well as the choice to pivot into different roles if desired. Finance allows you to flex should you decide to do so.

While the finance industry may offer the benefit of flexibility, remember to establish a foundation for your career success first. Here are a few resources to get you started:

  • Click here for tools you can leverage to create your networking strategy.
  • Click here to eliminate questioning of your qualifications as a result of branding yourself via your resume).
  • There are several types of interviews, therefore mastering the model your employer of choice will use is key (click here).

Should you require additional career assistance or support, feel free to schedule an appointment with your coach.

By Ericka Spradley
Ericka Spradley Associate Director, Career Education & Coaching