Who’s Hiring? 7 Organizations Hiring for Remote, Entry-Level Positions

Who’s Hiring? 7 Organizations Hiring for Remote, Entry-Level Positions was originally published on Idealist Careers.

Curious about landing a job in social impact? Most entry-level positions don’t require previous work experience and will make space for applicants who are new to the sector.

You should still reference any relevant background information that demonstrates your interest in the hiring organization’s mission. If you’ve previously interned or volunteered for a nonprofit, then you may already know which issue areas are the ones for you. If you’re new to the sector, do some research to hone in on what you want from your first job and identify what skills you can bring to the table.

As more organizations are hiring for remote work opportunities, we thought it was a great idea to spotlight entry-level roles on Idealist that can be performed from anywhere in the U.S. There’s a good chance you’ll find something that’s a match for your background, interests, and schedule.

1. The Right Question Institute, Cambridge, MA

This nonprofit aims to build people’s democratic capacity to advocate for themselves, from helping patients take greater ownership of their health care to enabling parents to support their children’s education. They are hiring an Education Program Associate.

2. Global Philanthropy Project, Inc., Oakland, CA

Established in 2009, this nonprofit works to expand global philanthropic support to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the Global South and East. They are hiring a Program Associate.

3. Madre, New York, NY

This international human rights organization works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations worldwide to address issues of economic and environmental justice, women’s health, gender-based violence, and peace building. They are hiring an Individual Giving Associate.

4. Public Justice Foundation, Washington, DC 

A national nonprofit founded in 1982, the Public Justice Foundation applies creative litigation, public education, and community-building work to serve public interest. They are hiring a Debtors’ Prison Project Investigator to support complex civil rights litigation in federal and state courts.

5. National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, DC

A privately funded nonprofit, this organization has worked for over 70 years to save historic places, build stronger communities, and invest in the United States’ preservation efforts. They are hiring an Associate Research Analyst.

6. Meridian Institute, Washington, DC

This nonprofit consultancy engages in dynamic problem solving with global leaders in business, government, civil society, philanthropy, and beyond in order to address our world’s most complex challenges. They are hiring a full-time Human Resource Coordinator.

7. Green America, Washington, DC

Green America (formerly Co-op America) is a nonprofit dedicated to harnessing economic power to create a socially-just and environmentally-sustainable society. They are hiring a Program Coordinator.


Clicked one of these organizations only to find that they’re no longer hiring? To keep you apprised of the latest in social-impact opportunities, all listings on idealist.org have a predetermined expiration date.

If you’ve missed the boat on any of the above opportunities, don’t forget to explore our latest job listings to find remote, entry-level positions that can launch your social-impact career.