Interviewing Skills

15 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Lawyer

Learning how to work with attorneys is an essential skill for executives and managers as well as a skill every business owner should know. Lawyers often expect their clients to know what law firms do for their clients, but the reality is that most people are unprepared to work with attorneys and often don’t understand what they do or what questions to ask.

Dana Robinson, an attorney, managing partner, and business operator, knows what clients should ask their attorneys. In this course, he presents 15 questions to ask a lawyer. Learn how to better work with your attorneys by understanding the questions you can ask when you are hiring an attorney, or even after you’ve already engaged counsel. Is the law firm size right for your needs? Is the lawyer an expert in the areas of law you need? Is a retainer required? Explore these questions and more to become more knowledgeable about what lawyers do so you can engage their services more effectively and efficiently.

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