A Beginner’s Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn

The transition to remote work has significantly altered our conventional understanding of “normal,” especially impacting how sales and marketing teams leverage social media to identify, nurture, and convert prospects. In this course, social selling expert Lorenzo Johnson unveils effective strategies and tactics for utilizing LinkedIn to forge relationships and generate leads, thereby boosting sales. Lorenzo begins by demystifying social selling and demonstrating how to enhance your LinkedIn profile for optimal visibility. He then guides you through activating LinkedIn’s creator mode and leveraging its features to expand your reach. Further, Lorenzo delves into the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, showcasing its advantages for compiling a targeted lead list. Lastly, he outlines a methodical approach to conducting strategic outreach on the platform. Completing this course equips you with a thorough understanding of leveraging LinkedIn’s functionalities to effectively identify, nurture, and convert prospects, ultimately driving sales growth.

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