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Exerting Social Power: A Solution Engineer’s Guide

Companies employ solution engineers to exert influence on their customers. If an SE does not influence the thoughts or actions of a customer, then they offer limited value. This course from Expert Dig explores the unique sphere of expert social power. In a social context, people need power to change the thoughts and activities of other people. Solution engineers can wield tremendous social power. They have the potential to influence the thoughts and actions of their audience, often with much greater impact than their non-expert colleagues. In this course, examine social power: what it is, how SEs obtain it, and how SEs should use it. This course explores seven unique social powers and discusses how each applies to the unique and influential role of solution engineering. To maximize their influence and value, solution engineers must become masters of social power.

This course was created by Expert Dig. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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