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Motivate Remote Teams

Remote teams are here to stay, but how do we successfully manage and motivate individuals and teams who we rarely see? How do we keep enough control while still giving them enough freedom to enjoy their work and perform at their best? In this groundbreaking course, thought leader Chris Croft looks at how to optimize the level of involvement in planning and the level of freedom in the implementation—and how to combine these two. Chris goes through the matrix of management options and covers several methods for choosing the best management style for you and your team. He looks at how traditional ideas of motivation can be adapted to the new remote environment, with practical ideas for maximizing the motivation of remote individuals and teams. Finally, he offers some thoughts on how different personality types react to working remotely and how you can help them to make the best of the situation.

Note: This course was created by Chris Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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