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Online Searching Tips and Tricks

While most people are up to speed on the basics of a Google search, there are a variety of more advanced strategies that can help you get even better results. In this short course, Jess Stratton walks through a handful of powerful search strategies that can help you find what you need quickly. Jess begins with the basics of Boolean operators and the differences between the top search engines. Next, she shows how to refine your search results using a number of different tools, as well as how to keep the scope of your search within a single site or page. Jess demonstrates how to find specific data quickly, including how to check your flight status or find movie showtimes with one click. She also steps through how to calculate data in a search engine, explaining how to convert units of measurement and calculate mathematical equations. Finally, Jess covers how to fix common errors in search results and extend your search skills with specialized search engines like Wolfram|Alpha.

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