Careers in Marketing & Communications drive awareness, motivate engagement, promote ongoing purchases or actions, and build loyalty to goods, services, and/or ideas.  They are both art and science, attracting creative storytellers, insightful strategists, and technical, mathematical minds.  Related fields include advertising, sales, public relations, research, adtech, martech, retail, and media.


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Graphic Design: Small Business Identity Redesign

Taught by John McWade
Your client needs new branding. The current design is no longer relevant, accurate, or even consistent. Where to start? In…

Create Inclusive Content: Identifying and Preventing Racism in Your Marketing

Taught by Mita Mallick
Despite the backlash from consumers, time and time again, many marketers continue to tightly hold on to this idea: our…

Publishing on LinkedIn for College Students and Young Professionals

Taught by Maya Pope-Chappell
Turn your knowledge and experiences into opportunity by writing on LinkedIn. With more than 450 million professionals worldwide, capturing the…

Leading a Marketing Team

Taught by Drew Boyd
Do you have what it takes to lead your marketing team to greatness—great campaigns, great collaborations, and great results? Learn…

Repairing Your Reputation

Taught by Lida Citroën
We’ve all made mistakes. But a bad reputation can damage your career. Whether it’s from a public faux pas, legal…

Neil Blumenthal on Branding

Taught by Neil Blumenthal
Think about your favorite brand. What’s their story? What do they do? What do they stand for? In six short…

Storytelling for Business Video

Taught by Roger S.H. Schulman
When we want to communicate information that’s meaningful to us, we usually tell a story. Human beings are storytelling animals.…

Creating Your Personal Brand

Taught by Lida Citroën
Your personal brand is your reputation and legacy. A strong personal brand can lead to job and career opportunities. A…

Diane Domeyer on Standing out in the Creative Job Market

Taught by Diane Domeyer
In a competitive job market, like the one designers and other creative professionals are facing today, how do you stand…

Advertising Foundations

Taught by Jane Barratt
Learn the fundamentals of effective advertising and marketing communications. Former NYC ad executive Jane Barratt provides an overview of the…

Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn

Taught by Daniel Roth
LinkedIn is the one of the world’s largest long-form publishing platforms. Writing on LinkedIn allows you to develop a following,…

Creative Inspirations: Harry Marks, Broadcast Designer

Taught by Harry Marks
Harry Marks is considered by many to be the godfather of broadcast design. More than any other individual, he changed…

Guy Kawasaki on How to Rock Social Media

Taught by Guy Kawasaki
Entrepreneur and social media expert Guy Kawasaki—who has 1.4 million Twitter followers and more than a quarter million likes on…

Designing a Business Card

Taught by Nigel French
Learn how to design a business card. In this course, designer Nigel French covers all aspects of the design process—from…

Print Production: Direct Mail

Taught by Trish Witkowski
There is a strategic side and a practical side to direct mail. To get results, you need to pay close…

Learning to Write Marketing Copy

Taught by Ian Lurie
Copy is the heart and soul of almost every marketing endeavor. Get a great foundation for all your campaigns with…

Designing Your Own Online Avatar

Taught by Deke McClelland
Designs dekeConstructed is a new series that breaks down the creation of cool designs so you can build them on…

Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing

Taught by Jonah Berger
Why do some ideas spread while others fade away? Jonah Berger, PhD, professor of marketing at the Wharton School and…

Web Motion: Create an Animated Banner Ad

Taught by Tom Green
Learn to create a simple web banner with motion and interactivity. This installment of Web Motion for Beginners shows you…

Bookmarking Sites for Musicians and Bands

Taught by Bobby Owsinski
Get some quick tips from Bobby Owsinski on sharing your music, website, and blog with dedicated readers on platforms like…

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