Careers in Marketing & Communications drive awareness, motivate engagement, promote ongoing purchases or actions, and build loyalty to goods, services, and/or ideas.  They are both art and science, attracting creative storytellers, insightful strategists, and technical, mathematical minds.  Related fields include advertising, sales, public relations, research, adtech, martech, retail, and media.


Skill Building Courses

Diane Domeyer on Standing out in the Creative Job Market

Taught by Diane Domeyer
In a competitive job market, like the one designers and other creative professionals are facing today, how do you stand…

Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies

Taught by Mark Burgess
The evolving media landscape has resulted in the omnichannel consumer, who uses traditional, digital, and social media. Integrated marketing is…

B2B Marketing Foundations: Positioning

Taught by Ken Rutsky
Messaging is the fuel of your marketing efforts. Good messaging positions your brand for success. It distinguishes your offerings from…

Learning Personal Branding

Taught by Chelsea Krost
You are the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. If you are starting a business, establishing your thought leadership,…

Getting the Most out of Video on Facebook

Taught by Richard Harrington
Social media has become critical to gaining exposure in the video and photography world. With social media platforms like Facebook,…

Introduction to Content Marketing

Taught by Madecraft
There are tens of thousands of content marketing jobs being advertised on LinkedIn. These roles have never been in more…

How to Freelance and Get Paid Making Digital Commercials

Taught by CreatorUp
Learn how to find video production jobs and get paid to make commercials for brands and businesses. Instructor Garret Johnson…

Affiliate Marketing Foundations

Taught by Sam Dey
Affiliate marketing is a complicated, multidisciplinary practice that is often misunderstood. At its heart, it is a performance-based marketing technique…

Creating a Buzz

Taught by Madecraft
Creating a business that catches the eyes of potential customers isn’t just simply luck. There is a method to creating…

Building Your Marketing Technology Stack

Taught by David Booth
While digital marketing has matured, it has also become more complex, and marketers need to think of its many components…

Neuromarketing: Tap Into your Customer’s Primal Brain

Taught by Tim Ash
Drop a rock. It falls and hits the ground. Once you understand brain evolution, many of your decisions will become…

Telling Your Story on the Web in 60 Seconds

Taught by Richard Harrington
Grabbing people’s attention on the internet is getting harder and harder. Simple text and static photos just don’t cut it…

Marketing Tools: Automation

Taught by Brad Batesole
Marketing Automation is a must-have for organizations looking to get the most out of their marketing budget. This course explains…

Leading through Chaos

Taught by Madecraft
Feeling like everything is out of control is incredibly frustrating, and the problem only intensifies when you’re in a position…

Design Powered by Data: Getting Started with UX Web Analytics

Taught by Lachezar Arabadzhiev
These days, data seems to drive everything, from what we watch or how we eat, to how entire companies conduct…

Content Creation: Strategy and Tools

Taught by Joanna Yung
Any successful social media marketing strategy relies on creating high-quality, consistently engaging content, and the right tools make content creation…

SEO Strategy: Link Building

Taught by Paddy Moogan
When search engines rank websites, there are a myriad of factors at work, with quality backlinks playing a major role…

WordPress: SEO

Taught by Patrick Rauland
Out of the box, WordPress is search engine friendly. But there’s still more you can do to make your site…

Working with Inclusive Imagery

Taught by Nicte Cuevas
Looking for ways to make your brand more inclusive and diverse when it comes to your imagery? It’s important to…

Accelerating Your Career with Personal Branding

Taught by Shadé Zahrai
When it comes to accelerating your career, you can’t ignore the importance of your personal brand. Your brand is your…

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