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Learn about AI and how it can help assist your job search!

Currently, the most prominent AI tool is ChatGPT.

Skill Building Courses

Fred Kofman on Accountability

Taught by Fred Kofman
In business, most work is done collaboratively. Key to this is the need to hold each other accountable so we…

Managing a Diverse Team

Taught by Vanessa Womack
Team leaders should aim to create an inclusive culture that celebrates differences and fosters the best performance from every team…

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Taught by Britt Andreatta
Emotions are all around us in the office, and it’s important for leaders to understand how to harness them to…

InDesign: Remote Workflows with InCopy, Word, and Google Docs

Taught by Anne-Marie Concepción
You know a collaborative workflow can benefit your editing and design teams, but how do you set it up inexpensively…

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do (getAbstract Summary)

Taught by getAbstract
With over 20 million books in print, One-Minute Manager author Ken Blanchard is one of the world’s most popular business…

Learning Whimsical

Taught by Lachezar Arabadzhiev
As an executive, manager, stakeholder, or UX designer, you need robust tools for remote collaboration. Do you want to discover…

Edwards CEO Mike Mussallem (Thirty Minute Mentors)

Taught by Adam Mendler | Thirty Minute Mentors
Mike Mussallem has spent more than two decades as the CEO of Edwards Lifesciences, leading the company since its inception…

The Agency Founder and CEO Mauricio Umansky (Thirty Minute Mentors)

Taught by Adam Mendler | Thirty Minute Mentors
Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency, one of the most successful real estate brokerages in the…

Upstream: Solving Problems Before They Happen (Book Bite)

Taught by Next Big Idea Club
Ever wondered why we spend so much time fixing problems that could have been prevented altogether? In the 2020 book…

Establishing Your Leadership Brand

Taught by Madecraft
As a leader, it’s easy to forget to dedicate time to something like your brand with everything else going on.…

Leading Culture Change in Your Team

Taught by Erin Shrimpton
Erin Shrimpton—business psychologist, coach, and expert in organizational behavior—helps you change the workplace experience on your team for the better.…

Fostering Belonging as a Leader

Taught by Sanyin Siang
Employee expertise and imagination are your company’s most powerful assets. And research has shown that a sense of psychological safety…

How to Manage Your Manager

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Managing up isn’t about flattery or brown-nosing. It’s about consciously building a good relationship with your boss: understanding how you…

Business Chemistry (Blinkist Summary)

Taught by Blinkist
Each of your coworkers have their own unique working styles. Whether you admire or feel challenged by a colleague’s approach,…

Leading with a Growth Mindset

Taught by Karen M. Allen
As a leader, developing a growth mindset is key to your success. The way you overcome challenges, build relationships, and…

How to Use Data Visualization to Make Better Decisions—Faster

Taught by Steve Wexler
Most organizations are drowning in data but are thirsty for understanding. An abundance of information doesn’t do you any good…

Mistakes to Avoid When Resolving Conflict

Taught by Madecraft
Conflict is inevitable. When it’s time to resolve conflicts, you need to be equipped with the best tools and tactics.…

Increasing Collaboration on Your Team

Taught by Madecraft
If you want to go fast, go alone—but for organizations to go far, they must go together. In this powerful…

How to Listen and How to Be Heard (getAbstract Summary)

Taught by getAbstract
Companies with diverse, inclusive workplaces perform better. Their employees are more engaged and more productive. In this audio-only course from…

How to Motivate Your Sales Teams

Taught by Lisa Earle McLeod
As a sales leader, you know you need to win the hearts and minds of your team members, but how…

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