Impact (Arts/Government/Nonprofit)

Impact careers allow people to incorporate their personal values into mission-driven work that strives to address and solve societal issues.


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Student Success Stories

Parker Battle

Student Success Stories
  • Project Manager SESCO Lighting
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Grayson Carter

Student Success Stories
  • Development Coordinator Ridgecrest Foundation
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Corey Romero

Student Success Stories
  • Strategic Project Coordinator North Carolina Association of County Commissioners
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Skill Building Courses

Nonprofit Management Foundations

Taught by Leslie Crutchfield
Thinking about leading a nonprofit organization? Internationally renowned author Leslie Crutchfield provides a primer on nonprofit management and leadership. She…

The Data Science of Nonprofit Service Organizations, with Barton Poulson

Taught by Barton Poulson
Learn how to use data science to do good. Data science can be a huge help to nonprofits that are…

Data for Good: Using Data Science in Nonprofits and NGOs

Taught by Martin Kemka
The revolution in data science has transformed, for better or worse, the way companies do business in the last few…

Nonprofit Fundraising: A Beginner’s Guide

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Relationships are part of our daily lives, and focusing on them is a proven method for successful communication. To raise…

Using Cause Selling to Overcome Donor Objections

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Hearing no is a part of any negotiation, but if you can distinguish the difference between a hard no and…

Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Successful fundraising depends on a fundraiser’s ability to communicate knowledge about the organization effectively to current and prospective donors. In…

Cause Selling: The Secret to Nonprofit Donations

Taught by Fundraising Academy
In fundraising, building relationships is an art form. You need a pragmatic mindset and ample preparation to succeed at identifying,…

Nonprofit Fundraising: Using Relationships to Drive Growth

Taught by Fundraising Academy
Fundraisers are an integral part of building a nonprofit organization. The values, mission, and services of your organization don’t sell…

Corporate Finance: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Taught by Earl Stice
Corporations conduct business activities that have an impact on the environment, peoples’ lives, and on notions of ethics and transparency.…

Introduction to ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance

Taught by Fulya Kocak Gin
In this course, instructor Fulya Kocak Gin explains what the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) umbrella encompasses, why there is…

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