Do More Than Get a Job. Launch a Career in Accounting.

The Accounting program prepares students for careers in accounting and consulting firms, investment banks, and other institutions. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to do a paid professional internship, built into the curriculum, during senior year.

The Master of Science in Accountancy program is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the country due to its transformative curriculum, exam pass rates, faculty, and internship opportunities. Layered on top of these unparalleled features of the program are personalized career preparation services that help our students achieve their professional goals.

The rigorous curriculum and Wake Forest’s wrap-around career preparation services position our graduates for immediate career success. Students typically receive multiple job offers with competitive salaries at major regional, national, and international accounting and finance firms.

Wake Forest’s Center for Market Readiness & Employment offers extensive programs and resources to further professional development. Our team of career experts have a close pulse on the marketplace, helping students to tailor their preparation to meet individual goals and succeed in the ever-evolving accounting field.


Student Success Stories

Skill Building Courses

Financial Wellness for Couples and Families

Taught by Amanda Clayman
Unlike learning how to ride a bike or swim, many of us don’t receive explicit instruction from our parents about…

Excel: Management Accounting

Taught by Michael McDonald
Management accountants help executives make smarter, more informed business decisions. By providing advice and frequent, detailed internal updates, they help…

Financial Accounting Part 2

Taught by Earl Stice
While their products and services may differ wildly, successful companies have at least one thing in common: they’re savvy with…

Accounting for Managers

Taught by Joshua Rischin
As a leader, having an understanding of accounting principles and roles empowers you to make the best decisions for your…

Recovering from a Financial Setback

Taught by Jane Barratt
Learn how to recover from a financial setback from loss of income or loss of savings. In this course, financial…

Rental Properties 101

Taught by WealthFit
Investing in rental property is a time-tested strategy for building wealth in real estate. Contrary to popular opinion, generating passive…

SAP Business One: Finance and Banking

Taught by Steven Lipton
Join instructor Steven Lipton as he dives into the finance and banking module of SAP Business One. Steven delves into…

QuickBooks Online Tips and Tricks

Taught by Bonnie Biafore
View Bonnie’s LinkedIn Newsletter Learn how to work smarter with QuickBooks Online, the popular bookkeeping tool from Intuit. In this…

Building an Ethereum Blockchain App: 11 Integrating Non-Blockchain Apps

Taught by Michael Solomon
Have you wondered how blockchain can help you create applications that offer greater transparency, traceability, efficiency, and resilience while lowering…

Accounting for Non-Accountants

Taught by Denise Probert
Accounting is the language of business. A strong knowledge of the basics will go a long way to helping you…

Accounting Foundations: Understanding the Accounting Cycle and Accrual-Basis Accounting

Taught by Denise Probert
How can you make sure your financial statements accurately reflect the economic activities of your company? Put a great process…

Ethical Hacking: Smart Contracts

Taught by Michael Fawole
Just like any software, smart contracts—code written into a blockchain that executes the terms of an agreement or contract from…

Freelancing and Consulting in User Experience

Taught by Cory Lebson
Freelancing provides you with the freedom to choose your clients and UX projects, and—as you enjoy this increased flexibility—it can…

Recession-Proof Career Strategies

Taught by Jason Schenker
You can’t control when the next recession will hit—but that doesn’t mean your career is at the mercy of the…

Excel for Investment Professionals

Taught by Michael McDonald
Do you manage a portfolio of stocks or securities? Microsoft Excel offers professionals in the investment industry with a bevy…

Corporate Finance: Robust Financial Modeling

Taught by Joshua Rischin
Creating a sound financial model can empower businesspeople and organizations to make informed decisions on a quantitative level. Learn how…

Corporate Finance: Profitability in a Financial Downturn

Taught by Jason Schenker
When an organization experiences a financial downturn, it should start looking for proactive ways to improve profitability. In this course,…

Virtual Investing in Real Estate

Taught by WealthFit
Imagine you had the know-how and connections needed to pick a hot real estate market, and then immediately buy and…

Economic Tips for Everyone

Taught by Jason Schenker
Learn about the economy around you and its implications for your job, business, and career. Economist Jason Schenker offers practical…

Managing Your Personal Finances

Taught by Jane Barratt
For many of us who are not financial professionals, worrying about money and saving for the future can be a…

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